Thursday, October 11, 2007


I am beeeing (buzzzzz) very lazy today
(so far)
I have read all blogs
Played stupid game
Ate candy
Avoided phone

I have to call back the weird lady
From my work (ironically)
Who (with other students)
I will be doing a program evaluation
Of specific processes...and what not

They cannot meet the day discussed
And they want to meet a week later
A week later than our "meet with the agency paper"
That is due

I am dreading this call...
Blah Blah Blah

So....I started a load of wash
Ate more candy
And am thinking I should get my ass
Unplaster from this seat
(after the call of course)

I should clean my very dirty (dirty-not messy)house
Sometimes just opening the pinesol bottle
Makes the room seem clean


I need to read read read read

I really should put batteries and hang the lights
Skeletons for Halloween

I should finally load the software on the laptop
And update the one in which I type this

Scrap the chipping paint in my bathroom?
Mow the lawn? Too wet? Too cold?

Or...I can continue to stare at this flat screen monitor


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