Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I have an internship!!!! (I hope)

I a have Finally been placed in a field internship
I will be working at the local VA
A day treatment program for veterans
With mental illness and substance abuse
MICA clients

Our local VA is one of the best in the country
And this program is the best MICA treatment in the county
And a day treatment program…
You can imagine the needs of the population

I had a nearly four hour interview today
Most of it was a tour
Lunch with the vets
And of course I made myself at home
While my interviewer was called away
And I chatted with a WWII vet who was also a dentist
A very special man

I actually have a signed contract!
After three attempts at placement
As of now, I am behind 4 days.
By the time the government decides I am fit
I will be 8 days behind.

I need a security clearance
And background stuff
(I wonder if my mental health history will come up?)
That is if all of the paperwork
Is expedient
If I cannot start until November
Or really…either way


I will have to take an incomplete in the class
A student cannot request an incomplete
But this was not my fault, but the schools

I think I got the internship, and kudos
Indirectly related to the scar under my lip
I completed (I said COMPLETED)
ROTC in college
I went through every hoop, er obstacle course
I took every test, even if I failed a few
I endured some crazy office training stuff
There were orders written
For my entrance in the National Guard
I had a PL assignment
And commission paperwork already

Except, I was too fat
And asthmatic

I ran (literally) away from my health problems
During my ROTC years
But they caught me
The asthma returned with vengeance
In my senior year
And I gained some weight…

I knew I wasn’t good enough
Healthy enough
To become a Lieutenant
So I quit
I didn’t really quit
I just never took an oath

So perhaps all of my feelings
Of guilt, of failure, of remorse
May be lifted somewhat
If I gave back in this way

Cause apparently, as per my interviewer
I am officially a vet


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