Saturday, October 20, 2007

And it hallows...

I am feeling rather dark right now
There is a fast fall wind
And with it came an empty heart
Someday I hope I shed this illness

I worked at the challenging house today
I “SCIP-R”ed someone today
And made them tacos
Children that would have been institutionalized…
Five years ago
Profound challenges
The staff ratio is above 1:1
Six employees for five teenagers

It was my second day there
I did not want to go
Not because of the boys
But because of the mountain of school work
It depressed me
And I was only there for a couple of hours

I have self esteem issues
(like I had to type that)
A new employee
Was on his second day
And was relating to one of the consumers
In a way that I wished I could

I thought I was good at this job
Maybe not
I am tired

I agreed to do a “lit” drop for a friend
Running for county legislator
Actually, I know two people running for county legislator
And neither are in my district
And the women who is in my district
Has been to my house twice
When I have not been here
And left sponges with her name
And three mailings
And super shiny pictures
I am not sure I want to vote for someone
With this much money behind it
She is a wolf in sheep’s clothes
And I know the head wolf

I feel so lonely
I did give a man my number
I wonder if he will call
Perhaps not
I wouldn’t want to infect anyone
With this shade of indigo


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