Sunday, October 21, 2007

Wake me up when it is over

I am still here
Laundry done
Sweet Pea the bird...annoying me

(He keeps chewing on my mouse cord-he has already ruined two "mice?")
Hot as hell outside, and windy

Work called for a shift next week
(leave me alone!!!!)
Someone calling to take off because of school work
(yeah...and my school work?)

Paper still not started.
Three chapters read for Policy class
None of which my grade is at all effected by...

Registered for classes in the spring
For all the profs I wanted, classes were full
Had to enroll in class of prof...I dislike alot
(I like her, I hate her teaching style)

Still not started on paper
I hate papers
Still blah, but not so blah
Took Klonopin last night
Slept peacefully

Laundry done
Closet cleaner

Cockatiel grooming on my shoulder
Fuzz everywhere
Okay....he is really cute sometimes
I am thinking of acquiring a friend for him
As he LOVES much
I think he...and I would be happier
There are only so many hours in the day
One can handle a bird nibbling on your ears
And pooping on you
When he starts driving me crazy
I pet him a million times
And make kissy noises
Until He has had enough
It is kind of funny
Payback (of the love kind) is a bitch...



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