Friday, October 26, 2007


I am so tired. I had a bone aching tired today. I woke up with my neck sore, my heading pounding. I gulped coffee before and during my drive to my internship. My sleepiness was so serve, I took turns slapping my face and chomping on my hand to keep my eyes open to drive. Seriously. Cup after cup of caffeine sources.....just never woke me today. I took some sudafed as a last resort. It didn't really wake me up, but my head felt better!!!!

Why am I tired?

I started my internship this week. I have to intern three days a week, go to classes two days a week. Just for fun, I am working 4-8 hrs a week on top of that. Today I started at 8 at the internship, and went straight to work until almost 11pm.

Thank god today was Friday. The guys at the group home was chillin. Easy dinner, to major chores or routines, guys stay up, one guy at a homevisit. I actually went to the mall and walmart with two of the guys. I kind of smiled thinking I was being paid to goof off.... Until we got back and I cleaned their toilets.

I am still tired.



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