Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I fucked up today....

I didn't do my job right. One of my group home guys went into a rage and punched a wall and ran out of the house. He was mad at me. And he told me to leave him alone and I did not. He nearly threw a chair at me. And I was worried for the safety of the other people in the house.

I failed to use proper verbal calming techniques to prevent this outburst.

I guess the positive thing...was that I was not afraid to calmly and non threateningly stand up to a 200lb very strong young man, with an explosive disorder (whatever it is called).

Another staff member picked him up after following him in his car.
He came to the office...ashamed, I said hello (like nothing ever happened) and gave him first aid for his hands. He than talked my ear off for an hour.


Blogger FooFoo5 said...

I did all the right things according to the specialized assault resistance training I had received, and I still ended up with a skull fracture and broken ribs. I was rescuing an intern caught between 2 locked doors with a floridly psychotic man. He calmed but re-escalated (as the training said to expect) and the brawl was on. I had to be tested for HIV & Hepatitis C for a year because he bit me twice as I pinned him to the floor. Sometimes shit happens, regardless.

I suspect you missed the post where I said I had an MSW!

12:13 AM  
Blogger Ladyk73 said...

You have an MSW????? Giggles.
A broken skull? How the hell do you heel from that? Oh my god! And did the intern get hurt?

Anyways...welcome to my blog! At thanks for your post!

6:37 PM  

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