Sunday, April 06, 2008

What now????

On my forever battle with annoying an minor health concerns.....
Current Illnesses:

Bipolar II
Spondylolisthesis with herniated disc
Carpel Tunnel
Recent bone bruise
(I fell down the stairs holding a box of angels)

New issues:
Heartburn, stomach issues, swallowing diffulties
I started taking an OTC "Proton pump inhibitor"
And I feel better
I have been having issues like this on an off
I have been having ear problems
Yesterday I kept hearing an alarm clock while studying
My classmates though I was nuts
So either I am having ear problems
Or psychosis
Which is equally possible
I have been getting severe Vertigo
I have been given drugs for this in the past

So I could be getting the heartburn and the ear stuff from all of the IBU I have been taking
Or it could be side effects from the Seroquel

However, I have a new symptom
I have been physically exhausted
Beyond my mental anxiety
I was cleaning my house a few weeks ago and almost passed out
I was so physically drained
I went shopping (I love Shopping!)
And I was just doing some quick errands really
And I had to lean against the counter when I paid for something
I was THAT tired
I was walking around campus yesterday
And when I got to wear I needed to be
I sat down
with the room swimming
Catching my breath

And I am waking up with horrible headaches!!!!!

what's wrong with me?

I have an appointment tomorrow with my doctor


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