Sunday, July 13, 2008

I worried myself sick....

I had very little sleep the last few days. Yesterday I had a sore throat, no biggie. Until I saw the white patches.

I had my friend look in my mouth...she said "dude, you need to go the doctor." It was I went to the urgent care place. The nurse did a strep test.

Being medical training month...... A PA and a student came to the room. They talked about my test being negative, and went into a speech about strep being not being very contagious (very bubbly and nice way of telling me I wasn't very sick)....the speech that starts with taking an Advil (while looking into my ears).....

And I open up wide and her face drops...she suddenly changes to concern.....and steps back if I had the plague. I told her "Yeah, I thought I may have had Thrush."

I told her I did not feel very sick, just really run down. That I had not been getting sleep, that I just lost a beloved pet....

I know that healthy people do not get thrush. I told her I once got thrush when I first started Advair. We agreed that in my stress I may have forgotten to rinse. She gave me some diflucan and told me to see my doctor.

I know, could I been HIV positive (I have multiple negative tests), but more likely, diabetes? Could I have the weird blood/immune that Clozaril takers get tested for? I am on Seroquel.

Like I needed fuel for my hypochondria issues....
If any med folks read this (Foofoo?) tell me if I should be worried....


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