Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Pumpkin baby...

Is gone!

This morning at the crack of dawn...I sat under a tree and talked to my cockatiel as he sung a sweet song to the sun. I know he saw me, and talked to me for some time. Then he flew to the next tree...and the next...

I did not want to chase him, for fear he would go farther and farther away, and not know where to come home.

He has not come home.

This evening his cage mate and I sat on the porch waiting for him to return. He didn't.

It is just a bird....people say. But he is my baby. He is still a baby. He would sit on my shoulder, and try to eat out of my mouth, and drop his head so I can pet him.

I just hope he is alive and happy.
I have handed out flyers and called his name into trees. I will call the spca, the animal warden, take out a classified ad....

I am heartbroken. Yes, I crying over my bird...


Blogger Spring said...

Did he ever come back?

4:15 PM  

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