Monday, June 16, 2008

A pot of gold?

Today was a two rainbow day! I saw two rainbows!!! They appeared on the dark clouds of a passing storm. I suppose it was only one rainbow. It was there, and it was gone, and returned later.

I am wondering if this means my luck is changing.

I looked in the help wanted ads, and was both excited, and paralyzed with fear. There were many cool positions that were cool, and I was qualified to do. I looked at positions in accounting, social work, and research (data management). My previous career was in accounting/finance, I am currently in Grad school for clinical social work, and I just completed an almost publishable research project (if the program evaluation that we did was in anyway, um....interesting).

The key for me is to try to find a suitable job with my professional skills, without being a professional in charge. I cannot run a department while going to school. Actually, I should not run a department period! Been there, done that...had a nervous breakdown. Seriously. I am certified. I am the new improved medicated bipolar girl! I cannot handle stress very well, yet I got straight A's in my last hellish semester of grad school.

So my hope is to find a job that is....part time? 25-30 hours? Is that possible? I cannot go to school part time and work full time. I can only do the equivalant of one FTE in all of my life obligations. Oh, FTE is accounting talk for "full time equivalant." You will find FTEs in any budget.... giggles.

So...I am trying to find some sort of balance. I need a job. I need health insurance. I need .......something.

Is applying to an accounting job at a mental health clinic like weird or what?



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