Monday, May 12, 2008

The first step....

Is recognizing you have a problem.

At my internship, I ran MICA (mental illness, chemically addicted) groups.

I think the time has come when I should join a group. Perhaps a MIGA group (mental illness gardening addicted)? Teasing aside, I think I have a problem. I spent a lot of my rebate on plants. I was so ashamed that I planted them before my friends and family members saw the three flats I purchased. I planted all of my beloved weeds (perennials), too cold for the annuals.

I really am ashamed. I am not kidding. I don't think it was a moment of hypomania as a moment of pure Addiction. I salivate when I see pretty colors.

See, the problem with some addictions, such as food, abstinence is not possible. Like the benefits of red wine, my garden does have some health benefits to myself and my neighbors. However, I need to learn moderation.

Am I getting better? Perhaps. But the $2-$4 plants seem so innocent. It is not like I am spending $20 on the designer echinacea (cone flower) or $50 on the Henry's Walking stick that I have been wanting.

But I have no money, and I spent $100 on plants.

I also have a problem with chocolate and other sweeties, but that could be another post.


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