Monday, April 14, 2008

Today...of all days...

Someone commented on my blog:

Anonymous said...
Ethically, someone feeling like you do, should really not be in the mental health profession - at this time! Until you receive some, what seems to me, much needed help! Your teacher, despite seemingly well-meaning and boosting your self-esteem and possibly telling the truth, did not give you the best advice, if what you said he said is indeed all he said:)
I don't know how old your comment was, but I pray you will find the help you need and "do no harm" in the meantime to self, clients, and the mental health profession!
12:13 PM

I found it very interesting that this comment was posted today. I had a really bad day. And look! Someone thinks I am morally corrupt!
So having a mental illness means I am unethical?
Who the fuck are you? It must be easy to write such a patronizing comment while hiding behind the veil of Anonymous.

I do question myself nearly everyday whether I should be doing this. I have brought it up with my field educator, some professors, my psychologist, and my psychiatrist. I have been told on multiple occasions that I am talented and professional. However, I recognize my own issues and choose not to ever do individual therapy.


Blogger Spring said...

What is that line we use for anonymous comments?

Don't feed the trolls!

Basically, ignore the twit. I know...easier said than done.

3:27 PM  

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