Thursday, April 10, 2008

Why I hate school

We had a presentation on disabilities for a diversity and oppression class. Great theme, all is good. Of course the three classes of social work students did not speak, and had that perfect professional compassion thing. Two of the presenters has Cerebral palsy. One of the guys with CP used a communication device with a stick like thing strapped to his head. A really amzaing guy, just with little use of his body.
So later that day I saw these two people wandering on campus and I said hello. They recognized me from the presentation, and asked if I wanted to eat dinner with them. They wanted to go to Burger King on the campus (which is gross). The guy with the communication device asked me to feed him. No problem.
He got a whopper. With mayo. I have issues with Mayo. I fed this guy and It was not really a fun sight. I mean, any other kind of food would have been fine. Just thinking about it makes me gag. I only bought a kids meal, and I couldn't eat it. It was just difficult, feeding someone with such a bad disabilty. I mean when little kids eat stick out their tongue while they eat, grosses me out. But I did it, cause that is what you do, the guy's got to eat!
The girl, who was in a wheelchair, didn't need help eating. But than she had to go to the bathroom, which all I had to do was wheel her to the bathroom thank god! But I still helped her wash her hands and stuff.
I then made sure they got to the next class they were presenting. They were cool and all, but I didn't expect to be a aide that day. It was really frustrating how many people waited for me to struggle opened the door while pushing, before helping out.
Anyways, I got them to their classroom and the students (second year SW grad students) assumed I was staff. Which was fine, but when I asked them if they needed anything else and I left they all looked at me funny until the girl wished me good luck on my paper.
This is all fine, really. I just get frustrated that I have to go to a diversity class and being told how much privilege I have from being white, middle class, and able. I may be white but I am not perfectly "abled," and I am poor as shit. That I have to write a fucking paper about how I feel, when pretending to help a disabled person, when I actually have done it, on multiple occasions. It just pisses me off. I realize that they need to hit some people on the head with this shit, and that most people are clueless. However, I think I am a pretty tolerant person.
Like if the diversity police read this I would get in trouble because I gagged while feeding this guy.


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