Saturday, April 12, 2008

The verdict is in...

I have a Vitamin D deficiency. Oh my god...I have like rickets. Or I would if I wasn't old. I just find it so very weird to have a nutritional deficiency....while being so mean overweight. I had a blood test, and I failed it.
I was getting so tired, and of course I hurt all over...Really can I have rickets? Or
Osteomalacia as it happens in adults?
How? Well....I live in Buffalo. I don't really drink milk or eat fortified grains. I thought I spent time in the sun. I walk on campus. I mean on the four days there was sun...
I have been directed to take supplements. I am thinking about going to the tanning booth. I heard that it was the wrong kind of ultraviolet light. But I am desperate!


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