Friday, May 09, 2008

Shit---I only got $300

I thought I would get more than this. I did pay taxes, however I had a lot of itimized deductions. My return is on the computer that is in need of resusitation.

Damn...I could use the money!

I am done with school. I have had my guiltless week off, and now I need to look for a job. And figure out what the hell I am going to do.

I need to accept and internship for the fall. Great and dandy. Except that I want to go part-time and get a job. If I do that, my internship will be later in the year. I am currently registered for full time classes. I figured if August arrived and I was working in some stupid job, I would just stay full time.

I have a headache thinking about this.

I am going to call account-temps for work. As I have years of accounting work (My last job I was the Controller managing 6-8 million for a non-profit) I should get some work.

God..I am tired.

I built a fire (for the first time) yesterday in my backyard. I wanted a test-run before I burn all of my not needed school work!) Haahhhaaahaa!


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