Sunday, May 04, 2008

A good night sleep and a cup of coffee

I am done...well almost done.

My semester is over. My last day of the internship was Friday. I have all of my school work done. Although I keep having dreams that there is one more paper due.

Even though there is no more school work to do, I am still not done! The agency that we did a program evaluation on, wants more info. As I was the agency contact person, my group gets to escape from these obligations. The agency wants the data in excel, transferred from SPSS. I don't blame them, SPSS can suck a bit. But I doubt the data can be easily exported. As my excel skills are pretty damn good from being in accounting, I am sure I can transfer the data in a minute. Plus, I am sure I will write a little memo about it. Than I have to get the original surveys and hand them into the prof, then I need the key...blablahblahblah...

Yeah, I thought I was done.

So now I need a job. A job in which I can make some money, as opposed to min wage. My requirements are not outlandish. I just refuse to work for the same wage as a high school student. My original plan was to find a decent part time job with stable shifts and the ability to secure health insurance. I am not living in a dream world,I don't expect to find a part-time gig that will give me health insurance. However, some companies will allow you to buy into their company plan. The reason why I want to work for health insurance, is that my cobra is expiring in July. As my payments to my old employer has always been timely, I am sure I can get another month. I can always go on the crappy student health insurance, and thank god they have something!

My plan to work part and go to school part time has been challenged. I have been placed at a very competitive internship for next year. It is a program from the state office of mental health in evidence based practices. I will be placed in a community setting and required to take a special seminar. I will get an additional certificate in addition to my masters. I will set up an interview soon to get more information.

There is some hesitation from my part to embark on such a career. It is very clinically based. I am well aware that my own mental health is a factor. However, I have no idea if this may help me in some way. I do work really well with the actively psychotic and delusional client. Well, to a point. Also, I am not sure
I am up to a 40 hour work week. I need to figure this all out. I think I will be healthy in life if I worked 4 days a week.

I am still looking for a job for the summer. I also will take three classes instead of 4 next semester. I'll figure it out. I was just stressing out.

I have a ton of weird appointments next week, mostly doctors appointments. Then I need to start physical therapy. I am also very very broke. I am grateful for the stimulus payment that I shall get soon. I have $20 to my name, little food, and a ton of medical copays this week. I will probably go to a food pantry and try to get some food stamps to help out. It might take me three weeks to get a job. Which is really okay, really. I need a break. I am exhausted. I already feel better, but I need a rest.

Well, a rest for me would include putting up a fence, painting my bathroom, playing my garden, and reading a bunch of books....

You all have fun now!


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