Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Perhaps I am getting old or just tired. This week the free concerts downtown started. Yawn! I just cannot get the energy to go to all of the outdoor concerts in the area. I did see the Violent Femes last year, cause how can you miss that?
I do like concerts. But to get out of my comfort zone and travel 10 miles! Giggles. To stand around with people drinking cheap beer. I go to see the music. I am just an old fuddy-duddy. Now if I was in the neighborhood, I would be there in a second. If every other of my friends were going, that would be cool. I am just lazy.
Two years ago I declined a simple subway ride to see Pat Benatar. IT WAS 95 DEGREES OUT!!!. Apparently the crowd was in the 100 thousands. I am glad I passed. Seriously, they have these cute bands playing. I am just getting old.
I think it was the concerts that were a few blocks from my house. On the Erie Canal . I would walk down the three blocks (from my house) to the stage. I saw America , The Psychedelic Furs, Eddie Money, some one-hit wonders. It just started to hate the crowds of people. God I am getting OLD!
Now I will stand in the rain to hear idols. I stood in a pouring rain to see Ani Difranco. I would probably do impossible feats to see PJ Harvey or Amy Winehouse.
But other wise I am just old.
My neighbor and I were taking about our neighborhood teenagers. They are cute punky-goth teenagers with silly pink and green hair. They are the sweetest bunch. As my garage sale proved. A lot of the young families on the street are formally alternative Mom’s and Dad’s with toddlers. It is funny. We like the punk kids around, they scare off the really bad kids! :O)


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