Sunday, May 18, 2008

I am having a YARD sale!

I am eating little vitamin gummy bears. These have calcium and Vitamin D. I am about to munch on a chocolate chewy viativ vitamin chunk. I can’t understand why people will gag themselves on horse pills when they can have a little dessert to get their supplements.
I am eating my vitamins today (I actually forget to take them everyday, so sometimes I eat two at a time) because I am exhausted. I am bone tired exhausted. I took as nap in my favorite chair, absently mindedly allowing my birds to nibble on my houseplants.
I think I woke up to the sound of a rattling paper. They are cute those two fuzz balls. I have been doing laundry and reading a novel today. I had great plans about cleaning my attic and my craft room for money making stuff. Did I tell you I was having a huge yard sale next week? I got some STUFF!!! I cleaned out my garage…seriously…since I owned my house. People, like my dad, have been putting stuff in my garage for a couple of years. Like I walk into my garage, and there is a ladder (cool!), some days a vacuum (duh…I don’t have carpets), once an electric baster or something. I have stuff, and I have no money. Hence, garage sale. And I have good stuff! I have designer shoes (okay, not designer….um… named brand) like diesel and guess shoes. I have clothes from Jones New York. I figured if the local thrift stores can charge $3 for a worn out dirty shirt, I can charge $6 for my shirts. I have junk too. And some furniture too! I live on a busy residential street. I live a couple doors down from a street that is a truck route in some places. And plus my signs might be cool!
Anyways, I am tired. Maybe now that I wrote about it, I’ll get my butt into my craft room and poke around.
Today I went letterboxing for the first time. I went with my ex-boyfriends girlfriend. Is that cool or what? I had a lot of fun. I did realize there was some weirdness. We were in the woods, and a couple places I commented on “the time we saw a turtle” or the time “we rode our bikes in the wildflowers” Yeah I did that with my ex, which is weird, although the turtle things was after we broke up, I swear! So there is a little weirdness, but not too bad. Anyways, I was tired, exhaustively tired. I actually fell in the middle of the woods. I tipped over some branches when I was trying not to disturb the trillium (which I succeeded in keeping them safe!). I have a big ass bruise on my ankle. However, that was from me clipping my friend’s bushes yesterday. I was under her bush….why does that sound so wrong?
Funny, I actually came to her house after a job interview at accountemps (I think I was hired!) With a skirt and heels. The next thing I am asking for a shovel. And well….I is glad I have sneakers and jeans in my car! But I am tired, but now I want to explore my craft room.


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