Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Damn...the dog is back.

I am so mad that the dog has been found and returned.
The Siberian Husky next door ran away. For three days.

I am so mad....
I am so mad because I like her alot. She is a good dog.

My neighbors keep her on a very large heavy 8 foot chain. She has a dog house, and a small circle of dirt to call home. The fact that she is chained up outside is somewhat reasonable for a husky. Huskies can jump fences higher than you can believe.
However, if you are going to have a dog, why the fuck would you keep it on a 8 foot chain for 90% of the time? If you are going to have "outside" pets, have an "outside" for them to live in. Like, um, a fucking farm.

If she is lucky, they take her on three walks a week. Maybe.

Typically, I find her surrounded by three days of poop. Until they got tip proof bowls, she usually had no water last summer. She barks whenever her "family" comes outside, in a sad way to get attention. The bitchy wife usually yells at her. The husband ignores her (BUT he does clean up her poop).

I was hoping that the SPCA would find her, and notice her matted hair, and investigate a wee little bit. Encourage the family to, um, maybe do the basics like giver her a bath.

The sad thing is that the dog was the kids' dog. The daughter is in college (she is very sweet to the dog) and the son in the army. Yikes.

Anyways, I sneak into there yard and pet her, and give her treats. Sometimes, I am the only person who filled her water bowl in the middle of a hot summer day.

So... when she ran away, I was hoping she would find a better home.

And this is because I like her alot.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wish that I could get asome treats from you too!

9:45 PM  

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