Wednesday, October 28, 2009

From zero to 60 in 3 secs flat

I am overwhelmed. I have my first successful ebay auction. I made $20 between five items. I know, pathetic. But it was stuff I didn't need anymore.

My wild animals are driving me nuts. My cockatiels are full of love today...and my allergies are in overdrive. They have both decided they want to be cuddly today. Yesterday they wanted nothing to do with me. I feel bad, but I just threw my bird. He is flying well, I had him jump on my hand and then I moved my hand in the direction of where I wanted to go (throwing him by sending him in the air upside down of sideways...that would be mean) was a nice way of telling him to go visit his buddy. They are going to eat one of my plants now. *sigh*

I looked at the job finder, and with much encouragement from a job coach (yeah, I have one do to my "disability"). Lots of jobs, lots to do.

mailing ebay stuff
sending resumes
blah blah blah


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