Friday, November 06, 2009

When confidence hits a stop sign

Trying to look for a job is kind of like 10 mminute by old ladies wearing babushkas. Both job hunting, and dating are a like it that: there is a sense of mystery and hope, you dress up in your fancy clothes, you try to talk about your past "relationships" in the most positive way possible, you may do something completely stupid (like loosing your pen, or likie spitting at the person), and the chances are fairly high that there will be a lot of rejection.
Employers aometimes send you letters, like a date may send a "it'd me, not you" e-mail. Some employers never call, even if they flirted with you enough to ask for your number. Either way...,you tend to get into these tizzies as you think "should I call them?" or would that scare them away? Or you think "if they like me, they will call," while you get pressured from friends (and vocational councelors) that you would be silly not to call!



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