Thursday, February 25, 2010

My boss needs an intervention. Today I had a disagreement with my boss. He said I should of "handled" a client a certain way. I disagreed with him, and had a degree, a huge body of empirical knowledge, and a fucking brain to tell me that I was right. I was also being scolded. I very nicely told him to fuck off (I wish). I told him very patiently and softly that I thought it was better to handle it the way I did. I basically had to put my foot down and tell my boss that I was a trained master's level social worker and although I am not working in that role, I am still binded by a code of ethics.... blah blah blah. I made it very clear that I was not in a clinical role, I am not practicing in a proffessional capicity. I used the example of being a mandated reporter. I doubt that this sort of thing would ever be in conflict.... but if a "customer" ever told me he was beating his kids...I would HAVE to report matter what HE (my boss) thought. I really scolded my boss in a passive non-confrontational way. And assured him that OF COURSE I would tell him and keep him informed.... Seriously...during this conversation my boss whined..."you were hired to be peer...not a clinician." I reminded him that I was a peer first. And seriously...I treat the clients like a peer (maybe to exception of those who need a lot more assistance or with greater needs and disabiltiies). Anyways...
Of course I packaged my angst in a pretty box of bows and sparkles and got my point across without be threatening.

But then...

I really love having to clean up the emotional mess my boss created yesterday.

Fuck me...fuck my job


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