Friday, November 23, 2007

Long Weekend?

It is 9:30PM....and I wonder if I will be called in two hours....I was previously scheduled to work overnight tonight....but I quit! Yeah...that job was stressing me out in a stupid stupid way.

Yesterday...I arrived bright and early for the day!!!! I work up at 3PM....3-freaking-PM. Okay, I stayed up until 3am...but geeeezzzeee. I twittled around my house until I was nearly late for dinner.

It was yummy! Turkey...sweet potatoes....STUFFING! and....brussel sprouts. They were a little small...but they were very special brussel sprouts.


So they were my homemade dish...oh...I didn't COOK them, I just watered and fertilized with my homemade mulch....


And! I have managed to not study or do any school work! I needed a freaking break. I e-mailed a paper at 10PM on wed, that was due at 6pm. I still have 2 weeks of hell. Which reminds me that a Prof is posting a exam tomorrow...and i got the results of a major assignment. C+ I am okay with that. I just hope I can get a B- in the course...or I will fluck out.


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