Sunday, November 18, 2007

And it is a problem....

I feel like crap...for what I am about to do. The fact that I feel like crap about it, is one of the reason why I think I need to do it....

I need to quit my job.

I work for a group home for the developmentally disabled.
I really enjoy working with the clients
But I HATE the job...

I hate being "forced" to do third shift
I hate having 4 calls of week begging me to come in
I hate cleaning toilets
I hate asking someone three times to brush their teeth when I know that If I didn't ask, they would most likely brush them.
I hate these horrible written res-habs
I really don't mesh with my co-workers
I am exhausted
I am exhausted

Why now?

I am suppose to work two shifts over the holiday weekend. One is a third shift. I was expressly instructed by my doctor that I should not work third shift, and my boss knows that. Not that third shift is the issue, the swing shift is....
And sunday. I cannot work 15 hours over the weekend. I HAVE TOO MUCH TO DO!!!!! I told my boss two weeks ago I could not work Sunday...she said it was MY responsibility to find a replacement.

I am paid $10.40 and hour
I am a per Diem employee
The benefits this agnecy gives are amazing
Even part time people can get cheap health insurance
I get NOTHING!!!

I really like the consumers
I don't want to leave them

But I can't work this weekend.
I am at my wits end with school work
I am getting sick
I am experiencing some mental health symptoms

I need to quit
A week before I am suppose to work
I feel guilty

But I can't handle it

I went to the last staff meeting, and told my boss I could only stay a few minutes because of class. I got this speech about how mandatory it was...and ended up being 30 mins late to class.

I am done
And I hate the way the soap smells....

But when you dread working two weeks before a shift
You know it is time to quit


Blogger FooFoo5 said...

What you describe is generally referred to as "paying dues," in the field, and as near as I can tell, we are to believe it builds "character" and gains us "priceless" experience. In reality, be it a hospital or a group home, the bottom line is that "helpers" are manipulated into being cheap labor.

I remember leaving work 5 minutes before the shift-change to pick up some med samples. I'm guessing my boss saw me leave, and the next morning "confronted" me about my responsibility as back-up to the on call, blah, blah, blah. I said, "You are actually busting my ass over five minutes? I don't get paid enough..." and immediately knew what was coming: "You knew what the pay was coming in, and you accepted the responsibility..."

I can say that, eventually, with the degree, and the experience, and the license, you will move up. With any sense, you see experience for what it was. The trick, then, is not to turn into the arrogant, entitled asshole that preceded you...

4:07 AM  
Blogger Ladyk73 said...

Oh yes....I hope to never be that way...and quite frankly....I can say that I am not.

My last job was a Controller/Accounting and Budget Manager. I was a boss. The people I reported to had letters like COO and CEO. Mainly, I reported to the state and federal government about our million dollar grants.

If I were to find a "real" job at the agency...I would find a horizontal move...above my boss.

When I was the boss, I gave every admin assistant the day off after Thanksgiving. I came in to answer phones, because as a boss, that is what you do....

And my staff always worked thier ass off...because they new I had their back.

I took the job for the experience, and the flexibility.

I just thought as a Per Diem employee (in an agency in which employees without an education get get wonderful benefits) I worked for ther benefit of both the agency and myself.

Not just for the agencies sake...
I am not their indentured servant!

I am so glad I am done with them...

4:03 PM  

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