Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I had a bully in my garden

How does a bully end up in my garden? By pretending it is something else. I had two weeds grow to amazing heights because I ...was a very confused gardener.

Now mind you, in the two places these creatures were growing, they were in areas of the garden more populated then Manhattan. In one place, I have campunula that have taken over about an acre. Last year, I planted cleome amoung the dingle bells. I knew they had a habit of returning, year after year. So I watched this plant grow and grow:

It is virginia creeper vine. A lovely plant, but not when it is growing across your driveway!!!!

This is what Cleome leaves looks like:

And their flowers:

Today I nearly had to go to the hospital after pulling a prickly weed (with their angry leaves made up of knives) that looked like this:

I wore gloves, and was still bloodied after the engagement. How did such a evil little plant live so long in my garden? ....mind you it was almost two feet high.... It was growing next to another prickly, yet seductive plant. The leaves look like this:

The flowers like this:

Yes the passionate poppy, It may be dangerous, but it soothes all wounds.....


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