Monday, July 14, 2008

I think I saw my baby…

Although I am not so sure. I got a response from the ad I put in the paper about my cockatiel. They said they saw a cockatiel about 4 miles south of where I live. Weirdly, just down the street from my friend. I decided to take a walk around, with no luck. Then I drove by the canal (where a cockatiel was sighted). I drove for a few miles (with no luck) and went across the bridge and turned around (going on the other side of the canal). Feeling defeated….and sad….
Oh my god there was a cockatiel on the phone line by the side of the road!
I parked (with my hazard lights) and walked under the bird. It looked like my bird. I was not positive that it was pumpkin. I talked to the bird. Was that pumpkin’s chirp? I think so! I talked and talked and sang for her to come down. He (she) didn’t look at me. Either way it was a cockatiel and it was someone’s pet. The poor bird looked beaten by the wild. I really think this is pumpkin. I wish I had a net, but I am not sure if she is on an electric wire, cable, or phone. So I would not be able to use one anyway.
Finally, the cockatiel swoops down towards me….
And right then a fucking car drives by, scaring the crap out of her!
She flies away, me trying to run after her, waiting for the damn cars to cross the street….she fly over the next house, and these fucking dogs start barking up a storm!!!!!! I can’t hear her. I walk into a back yard, the dogs still going…. Where did she go?
I talked to nice lady with the dogs (I am sure they were great dogs, I am just wishing they would have kept their mouth shut!). The lady agrees to put her dogs into the house and her and her friends help me look for the cockatiel (who I am 75% sure was my bird).
I left her my number, and dejectedly walk back to my car. I drive down towards where I thought the cockatiel went, and left a flyer with some people.
I cannot fucking believe that I can find my bird five miles from my house…And still not catch her.


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