Saturday, October 04, 2008


So….l am just about to balance my checkbook, and then read my e-mail. Then I will clean my book bag…then………maybe I’ll do my paper. I hate writing papers. So therefore I procrastinate. I do get a great deal of stuff accomplished before starting projects such as these. I have been needing to balance my checkbook for some time.
So I am at the big, bright, annoyingly obnoxiously decorated undergraduate library. The upstairs is not so bad…but there are still parts of it that has orange walls and a green rug that was considered old when I first went to college here 15 years ago. I guess is it better than the “temporary” shack that I have a class in. We have these awful buildings that were built in the 60s, that were suppose to be temporary. Do the math…I have never know such a “temporary” building would last so long.
I am here at the dreadful undergraduate library because the 7 other libraries close early today, while I am not sure this library ever does….24 hours a day!!! I have actually known of homeless (living out their car) students who have spent many of night here.
Anyways…I better get back to more productive modes of procrastination.


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