Sunday, September 07, 2008

Mums the word!

Yesterday my friend Kathy and I shopped for Mums. In the past I used to drive her bat-shit crazy with my shopping. THIS year, it is HER, that have become the manic plant shopper...

Now...I am the "flower lady" in my neighborhood. I have lots and lots and lots of flowers. Mostly weeds,,,I mean perennials. I LOVE my garden and spend lots of time in it.

Anyways, K. bought a new house with her hubby. I taught her how to grow pretty flowers. Now she is hooked! She still needs me, because she still a beginner. With the names, sun/shade, annual/perennial info.

So we bought mums, and mums, and more mums. And then we began the great search for pumpkin's. And we also got silly spider thingies too.

Anyways, we ended up at home depot, lowes (seriously, they have good mums), and three garden centers. I have already gotten some mums this year, but her addiction wore on me, and I bought more. My three mums from years prior are just about in bloom. So pretty. I also bought some pretty asters.

If I actually have time...maybe I'll post some pics!!!


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