Thursday, September 04, 2008

School has begun!

I am now officially stressed out. Actually, as far as the mental status exam...I am cognitively concerned about my mental health. Through out the summer I have been having some problems sleeping. This is always a red flag for the hypo manically disposed.

I was given a Medrol pack for my asthma last week. That made me all sorts of high and manic like. But the drugs have leeched from my system. I still have the sleep issues. Last night I laid in bed for an hour....
I have been getting my little panic attacks too. And a little sad.

Being bipolar and a grad student is not easy. I saw my Psy-MD last week and talked about my sleeping concerns, and we thought it might be anxiety (and the steroids of course). I had an appointment with my psy-Phd today and we agreed that this was a red flag. I promised to call psy-md if it doesn't resolve by next week.

I was feeling *great* and then started school, which is always so stressful, and my new internship. I am really stressed about school and become moody when I have too much academic reading to do.

So...we wait. We take old Rx for klonopin if things get worse.


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