Thursday, August 07, 2008

Oh yeah...they finally like me...

After all is said and done. The law firm managing partner likes me. Can you believe it?

Anyways, when I began as a temp, everyone knew I was a student. As the beginning of the semester approaches, the denial begins.

I agreed to work part time at the law firm until the bookkeeper comes back. She is suppose to return in September. My school starts in late August. I told the office manager that because many of my classes were at night, I can work for a couple days a week (for a few weeks). So I was explaining my schedule and I have a class at 9am-12pm, and one on the same day from 6pm-9Pm. So can I work then?

Um, full time GRAD SCHOOL!!!!!

Anyways, I do want to work for a few weeks into the semester, But I am not thinking working is really going to be possible once the term papers come due.


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