Thursday, July 31, 2008

I can here their little screams!

We have had a very wet summer.
With damp gardens, you get damp pests.
Last year the Japanese Beetles ate my garden....
This year it is slugs!

I have little ones, big ones
Yellow ones, brown ones...
Some are all one color
Some spotted...
All have their cute little eyes!!!
The eyes to find my garden with!

The wet weather has made lots of things grow
Weeds seem to grow a foot in the night
So there has been lots of things for the little
homeless snails to eat....

But when you sit on your grass
And realize your knee has....
oh my...slime

So, A couple of bottles
Of Molsen Canadian will do
Slugs like beer...alot
And the little boogers....
The poor things
Drown it it

I hate killing things
But this has made me
Morbidly curious

After an hour
I have like 20 slugs
And watching the slugs
On route to their demise

I hope they have a happy drunk death


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