Thursday, July 31, 2008

Random rant

I am a sleepy girl; I mean woman, at my temp job.
I have caught up on the work that I am “allowed” to do.
Actually, I was going to do the bank rec,
But the person, who is out sick, wants to do it.
She had a stroke; she is going to try it from home.

Perhaps it will be good therapy.
Seriously, Good for her (and me!)
I am sure I can find some accounting type stuff to do.

I lost it yesterday,
I cried in the upstairs lunch room at this job.
The attic…it’s an old house…turned into a law office,
I cried over a doctor’s appointment

See…I missed it.
I knew I had an appointment…
I was working and then mid morning I looked at my calendar
And realized it was 15 minutes ago.
Then I tried to call, and their phone lines were down
I ended up crying.

Not over this, really.
Over the fact that I cannot get my shit together.
I keep missing appointments,
Forgetting to pay bills.

I am just a cognitive disaster.

I cried to my Mom.
And told her they will probably kick me out of the practice
Or charge me $50
The first thing my Mom asked was…
If I forgot to take my medications…

Yeah, sometimes I forget that too!

I am not sleeping well,
And I am very stiff,
And sore,
My body is a mess.
And my leg is shaking as I type this…
I am exhausted…
Yet, my leg is the little energizer bunny

(By the way, I wonder who thought of that little bunny…
And I wonder if they are in some tropical island
Sipping drinks with little umbrellas in them)

By the way…
School is in a month
And I am getting the round around about full time/part time
Internship issues
My doctors both want me to go full time

By the way…
I am getting very fond of Mr. Bird
The cockatiel
Remind me, I need to find his owner
Sweet Pea beats him up (but he is bigger, so…)

By the way…
My favorite bats have come back to live in the tree next door
Although…I should say bat
Last year there were two, this year one.

By the way…
I forgot what I was going to say!


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