Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Speaking about bullies....

I was thinking about other bullies I met in my life.

One current stressor is the bastard lawyer that runs the firm. Today he nearly glared at me while I gave him checks to sign.

I am starting to wonder if the reason he is such an asshole, is because he feel threatened by me. The only way a little old temp like me can threaten a big bad man like

Oh, being an accountant is a very dangerous thing. ***blink***blink****

I am only a temp...but I know everything! I know how much you and you AND YOU MAKE! I see you when you are sleeping, I know when your a wake, I know when you have had a garnishment taking out of your pay!!!

Ho ho ha ha aha ha

Seriously, I have been looking to see where those 1099's are kept. The ones where the "rent" check goes to this company, who is part owner of that company, who then splits the earnings, and then they get distributed to that company, and then they get distributed to THAT company, then it goes into the partner share holders....

And where exactly are those 1099's?


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