Thursday, August 07, 2008

Let the anxiety begin

I now have an internship!!!!!

After doing my first year internship in behavior health at the VA (at the partial hospitalization/ day treatment center), running MICA groups, volunteering at the state psy hospital, working as an aide with the developmentally disabled, and (gasp) working as a substitute teacher in one of the most challenging high schools in all of New York State....I figured I had to get creative for my upcoming internship. The one thing about social work that I have not done, is case work. I have done intakes and treatment planning, but never discharge planning.

I have interviewed and been accepted an internship at the acute rehab wing at the local county hospital.

My friend, who is a social worker at nursing home thought I would be bored to tears dealing with the "hips and knees." I gently reminded her that I would be working at the acute rehab at the local level one trauma center!

It will actually be really challenging work. Actually, most of the discharge planners are rn's, ot's, etc... I will work under the only MSW (who is a LCSW, by the way).

I am excited, but really nervous. After my field educator found out that I ran therapy groups at the VA, he thought I should run a group on the floor. Wow! Yikes!

Anyways, a small tour of the department revealed what I expected. Spinal cord injuries serious TBM, Multiple fractures. A new a scary life for many patients.

I have much medical reading to do on these kinds of injuries. Then a literature review on psycho-social aspects of this kind of recovering.


Anonymous social worker said...

good luck with your new internship. i hope you enjoy it and learn a lot!!

9:40 AM  
Blogger Spring said...

Way cool! Now that's an internship!

5:08 PM  

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