Friday, August 22, 2008


I am having flashbacks to the trauma from this morning.

I had a barium upper GI. I was afraid of the chalk. I was even scolded by the Doctor. For swallowing air with the shake. And Not! swallowing enough of it. So then I took a big gulp and nearly gagged on her. Okay, not really, not on her anyways. The radiologist actually did the swallowing part.

Apparently, my stomach was not "responding" enough. So they kept asking me what my favorite food and keep talking about Mexican food...while I wanted to vomit. So they wanted me to think about food. So instead of Mexican (hello!!!) I thought about ice cream, and strawberry daiquiris.

They tech was awesome. except the Mexican food stuff. I didn't have to do a "small bowel follow through." So I got to go home....accept I had to drink another half of cup for the last picture.

I did see my insides on the screen. The couple of pictures in which I had to be on my belly. It was weird seeing this perfect valve between my stomach and my esophagus... It did seem to be very "open" however.

The worst was having Ice cream after the test and having.....a repeat...oh never mind. I kept smelling the stuff everywhere. Maybe I got some stuck in my hair.

Anyways. I still feel all crampy in places that I have not felt crampy before.


Blogger Spring said...

Ewwww, I had one of those about a year ago, upper and lower gi, due to reflux. That milky shit they give you is so gross. I couldn't drink it all 'cause I was this close to vomiting, which got me all kinds of scolding as it might fuck up the results.

It's cool to have insurance and get good medical care, but some of the medical stuff sucks almost as much as whatever it is that's wrong.

1:26 PM  
Blogger Ladyk73 said...

I still have not been able to enjoy a milkshake since the test! The test indicated that I have spasms in my esophogus

9:55 PM  

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