Sunday, August 10, 2008

New computer!

I have a new computer!!!!!! YEAH!!! My motherboard bored? My mother board caught a fatal illness. The reduce immunity causes a bad virus and parasitic worms.
I will miss the super fun red lights. My "box" was so cool. My dad made my last computer (He is retired, and this is a hobby for him). I bought a groovy transparent box that had LED lights. My computer was "punked' out. Now I have a basic box (but black!!!). The computer was $250. How freaking cheap! It is a compaq/HP model. Very basic. My dad bought me a Norton 360 antivirus. And because I am a student, I was able to get Microsoft office for $10.

Anyways, I am slowly adding all of my favorites to my internet. I know that I could just copy these things from my laptop, but I got some junk on their. Soon, I will have some pictures!


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