Monday, August 25, 2008

Breathing on a monday

Having an asthma issue on a Monday can kind of suck. I thought I was getting better, than I got worse, than better. The albuterol was not working as nice as I hoped.

After a call to my primary doctor (tell me again why I have an allergist who I never see, and cannot get a hold of when I cannot breath?), I headed to a 'urgent care" place. I got a breathing treatment, a shot in my butt (ouch!!!!) and a Rx for one of those steroid packs.

It is getting harder for me to determine when my asthma is bad. My biggest symptom is my lungs feeling so sore, and I am getting tired breathing.

Anyways. Asthma sucks. I am going to get pissed when they outlaw albuterol inhalers. My brother gave me a hit of the new inhalers. They suck. They just suck.


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