Sunday, August 24, 2008

My lungs hurt

My lungs seriously hurt. I have no idea why they hurt THIS bad.

Today I went orienteering with my friend Lana. We had fun wandering in the woods. We had a geographically map, so although it felt like we were in the middle of no where, we were not lost.

There was a bit of a climb up a hill that I had trouble with. Just with the lungs. I went over my friends house. She smokes, and it usually doesn't bother me (she smokes outside) but the air was so thick, it seemed to go right to my lungs.

It is so humid here. It rained so hard the streets flooded and stranded cars for...about 15 min. And then the drainage and sewer lines had time to catch up.

Lana and I were on the other side of the county, or are hike could of been dangerous. There were alot of interment streams and the terrain we were walking in could of turned into a river before we had time to head to higher land. It was a freaky unusual fast and hard rain.

I am so tired. However, I am waiting for my sheets to dry. I figured it was good to wash them as I am having the trouble breathing. I am really allergic to dust.


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