Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lonely this time of night...

It is late on Saturday. My normal routine has been shaken. My beloved and dear "breakfast club" was canceled this morning. A group of friends who keep in touch every Saturday. Some weeks there are three of us, some weeks 10. Today only two of us. Actually the two people the club was founded upon. Me and my ex-boyfriend. We sat outside and talked. His son was in town, so we parted ways so he can go meet with him.

I worked in my garden. I blended the compost (with the rotertiller) and made a new flower bed. I planted the end of year sales.

I went to both Lowes and Home depot looking for edging stuff. I got rubber stuff to go under neath my brick border. I can arrange it so I can mow without having to weedwack it. Cool. I bought a blueberry. I planted a blueberry earlier this year, and you need two to crossbreed to make berries. Gosh, I hope they are different enough to make yummies next year. I also bought two roses and a Butterfly bush for $3 each. I am not a huge rose fan, but I thought they would look nice people from cutting through my yard. I can be so evil. I love roses, but I just cannot stand the work involved with them. I am not really sure how to keep roses happy all of the time. I have a huge old fashioned rose that came with the house. I does not like this wet summer. I got the knockout roses cause I heard they were easy.
Home depot had daylillies on sale. I think I am going to go back at get some, and also some mums to put in my new flower bed. My mums from last year and prior a just starting to bloom.

I watched a bunch of videos on the NBC Olympic page. I have been not keeping up with the Olympics. Some stuff is pretty boring to me. But I wanted to see the diving, some gymnastics, and swimming. They are almost over! Gee

I am just feeling kind of blue and out of sorts. hm... School starts soon. Hm... I think I am a little lonely right now.


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