Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The green eyed rage

I have issues. And...I currently have the hiccups. At my school (and most graduate schools of social work) Individuals with a BA in social work can be accepted into the "advanced year" where-as they only need a year of MSW schools to be a MSW. It is completely understandable that those with an undergrad degree in social work should not have to "re-learn" the "foundation" year curriculum. However, and going through the hell that was last year, makes me cautious towards these "advanced students." Oh, not to mention that they are label "advanced students." What does that make me?

In some ways, I think these students have gotten a better education in basic social work skills. Concrete things, like completing more psycho-social assessments. At my school, the traditional students have done more treatment plans and interventions. Also, we completed a research project in the community, a program evaluation. Some of us had projects that could have been publishable. Actually my group's project could have been publishable, and the prof even offered us advise us (directed research) if we wanted to. If I thought our conclusions were really novel I may have been inclined to.

Anyways. My pride was harmed in a small way today. We were talking about VA benefits and I spoke about groups that are given priority for care. Well this Advanced BA SW student did her undergraduate internship at the VA. (I did my first year at the VA). Anyways, the discussion wore on me the wrong way.

It was my own jealousy, annoyance about the "advance year students" that really made me defensive. Yeah. I have a huge issue about being in the same class as the advanced year students. They just graduated from college. The traditional students graduated with a BA or BS too. Some in very closely related fields. Some even had other Master's degrees. And this transaction felt uncomfortable to me.

I was feeling shitty about being told I was wrong by this student.
My self esteem deflated like a lead balloon.

However, on my return home, I open my 'federal benefits to veterans" book......and found out that I was right.

what do you think?

I wonder if this is similar to what nurses go through. With RN's and BSN's and all of those configurations.


Blogger Spring said...

The college I went to didn't have advanced standing (this was 15 years ago), so I did a BSW and two years of MSW. It didn't hurt me any.

When I was teaching as an adjunct in an MSW program, I dealt with the advanced standing issue. The problem is, A.S. works for some students, but actually works against others.

First problem: it assumes that all BSW programs are created equal. And we know that's not true.

Second problem: it assumes that BSW was earned recently, not 20 years ago.

Third problem: it doesn't take the student's professional/emotional maturity into account.

So I saw some students who did marvelously without the foundation year, and I had some students who fell apart trying to handle the advanced year without the foundation year.

It's a one-size-fits-all policy that doesn't really fit all.

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