Thursday, February 28, 2008


Blast! I am done! I had a steroid injection in my spine today. It really really sucked. I yelped when the needle hit my nerve. It was like a lighting bolt to my feet. I was drenched with sweat, the doctor asked me what happened, I mumbled "leg".... I can hear him talking to the nurse about my vertebrae defect or something (my spindo).... Suddenly another nurse was patting my shoulder and telling me to breath.

It wasn't that bad, but so so scary. Before I had the shot I saw the people ahead of me. I was worried as the first guy I saw come back was looking bad and they gave him juice. They then wheeled the next guy in...he was a manly man. He came back looking ruffled.

I already called in sick for tomorrow. Not that I will be in pain, but they just injected me with a shit load of steroids. I really don't want to be around my generally sick (and hygiene lacking) clients. They all seem to be a Hep C carrier. A day off seems in order.


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