Sunday, March 09, 2008

I woke up....

With the most gruesome headache. But I had the most interesting dreams!

I work with a migraine-like and had some eyesight aura stuff last night.

I iced the back of my head and neck(It does work for me).

I drank coffee and took advil and sudafed. It was most likely a sinus headache. I fell asleep in from of the TV. Weird.

I no longer have a serious headache, but I feel out of it. But I will be fine.

I was worried because I had that epi shot last week. My back still was feeling worse a week afterwards. I was worried that I had a epi-deral headache thing, cause I was feeling dizzy.

I went to the store yesterday and took my blood pressure at it was 124/80. That is really high for me. I am usually 105/75.

I was worried about the steroid shot and the wonderful illnesses I was exposed to this week.

As always: Hep C and the flu. But this week I may have been exposed to strep. Someone child had strep throat, and they were not feeling well.

I was also exposed to MRSA. One of the guys is a MRSA carrier. yesh! I don't think I was exposed to it as we didn't touch...but still.....


This is not helping my hypochondria!


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