Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sunshine, the white and the green...

It is sunny out today! I woke up with a sunbeam on my head.

I had a strange dream about Pirates and Johnny Depp...oh my! In my dream I was tall and exotic, skinny with black hair that wisped from here to there...

And In my dream there was an old house. One in which we were searching for a certain room. I normally do not dream of pirates and sexy men, but I often dream of water and old buildings. Or I dream of building I know that have new basements or floors. I have no idea why I dream of these themes. But I do....

My back hurts...damn it!

So I set up my grow-light. I started a handful of illegal seeds. I bought some exotic tropical seeds on e-bay from Europe. They were shipped and never went through customs. As they are tropical plants, and I live in the winter-scape near Buffalo, I am not worried that I will create a epidemic of environmental doom. They were only seeds....

I also am "baking" some succulents that were placed a little too close to the window. Hopefully they will perk up. I also planted cactus seeds from Burpee. They might be fun to watch!

I really need to finish homework. I still do not have the way overdue paper done. The one I flaked about. It is almost done, which is great. I also have started other homework.

I spent time at my Parent's house as my brother was in town. It seemed like life was more important that school work. I am trying to keep my life in Balance because I often fall into very very bad states of mind when I am not in balance.

However, academia would love for you to be sucked dry, at your expense. Sometimes, I would like to remind the professors that I am paying their salary! I am learning alot but still struggling with many things. I am late getting papers in, but I accept the grading hits. My health and medical stuff has been a little crazy lately, I am only human.

I am babbling. Which is a trait I have which often times makes people dislike me.


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