Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Politics...as not usual

In 2002, I became a Democrat.

I became a Democrat because President George W. Bush was no where to be found when the the towers came down. Rudolph Giuliani lead the country that day, by offering leadership and hope to a grieving nation.

In 2003, we invaded Iraq because our president was daddy's little boy. In the early days, I was one of the few people who questioned the logic of that campaign.

In 2005, Bush failed miserably again, this time it was FEMA.

I have not always been a Democrat. Perhaps as a reaction to my father's kind of liberalism in which he thinks only of "me me me."

I believed that people should work hard and give back to the community. I joined the army, and tried to go to pharmacy school.

Things were not so good. Lets just say that the army made me a staunch feminist.

Anyways, I started subbing at a really bad High school and was sicken by the incredible waste of resources, for a school that had nothing. A school that paid teachers not to teach, and paid for a gang of useless security guards instead of books.

Anyways, I started looking at things in very Macro ways. I also became a controller of a pretty large company.

I knew how money works. Really

So my point?

to be continued.....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

This is hysterical!!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

How DARE he!

I used to think Senator John McCain was an honorable person. I belived him to be rational and compassionate, and independent. But now I am simply outraged. My wellbeing of a woman means nothing to him.

I understand that John McCain is a pro-life individual. I don't agree, but I can respect that. However, Senator McCain went over the top...

I am outraged!

Senator McCain dares to mock women's "HEALTH".....

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


So my brother randomly calls me yesterday. "Oh...by the way....are you watching TV?" Um...no....I am about to go to class. "Well...hee hee we are at the debate!" Huh? Duh! Oh yeah, I forgot that my brother is a big smarty pants...and he lives like Less than a mile from the debating site! So of course I missed half of the debate to see if my brother or sis-in-law were picked to be part of the "townhall" group. They were not, but still in attendence.

So my brother txts me and tells me on their walk home (they live THAT close!)

"we saw the motorcades on the way home from Belmont...Obama waved....McCain just looked pissed!!!!"


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Saturday, October 04, 2008


So….l am just about to balance my checkbook, and then read my e-mail. Then I will clean my book bag…then………maybe I’ll do my paper. I hate writing papers. So therefore I procrastinate. I do get a great deal of stuff accomplished before starting projects such as these. I have been needing to balance my checkbook for some time.
So I am at the big, bright, annoyingly obnoxiously decorated undergraduate library. The upstairs is not so bad…but there are still parts of it that has orange walls and a green rug that was considered old when I first went to college here 15 years ago. I guess is it better than the “temporary” shack that I have a class in. We have these awful buildings that were built in the 60s, that were suppose to be temporary. Do the math…I have never know such a “temporary” building would last so long.
I am here at the dreadful undergraduate library because the 7 other libraries close early today, while I am not sure this library ever does….24 hours a day!!! I have actually known of homeless (living out their car) students who have spent many of night here.
Anyways…I better get back to more productive modes of procrastination.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Black Tomatoes

I was just going to give up on my garden...when I saw the beautiful bright yellow poking out of the green. My first yellow tomato, I also found a pink tomato, and a black one too!

I grew exotic vegetables this year. Then I forget what they look like. And then you find a weirdly colored but completely bloated speciman...and then you say...oh yeah!

So today I had three different kinds of tomatoes for dinner...

The yellow was my favorite!

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