Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Feed the World

Feed the World

Monday, December 15, 2008

Romance around the heating pads....

So...I haven't been on a date in a while. I have been busy with school, and haven't been in that frame of mind. However, I do have an issue with dating. I put on a bunch of weight with all of the FAT MAKING meds. The meds make everyone gain weight, I've even skinny dudes gain weight on the stuff. But, of course I have not been eating very well either. Yuck. So I am more overweight than I would like to be, and it has made me not want to date.

I have issues with seeing myself naked, I am not ready for an audience.

Anyways, I was x-mas shopping today and not one...BUT TWO!!! College aged boys flirted with me. Okay, maybe one guy was being nice...but the other guy? He was FLIRTING!


Made my day!

Ugly Christmas lights!

The windy windy wind...

It is slightly warmer today with rain, instead of snow. But it is much much colder to the senses. It is very windy, and creepy. My cheesy blow mold santa went *boom* down the stairs. Almost, anyways.

I am done with school. I spent all weekend at the folks house playing with the *fluff ball,* er um..the dog. My brother was in town. Speaking of family...I will be traveling to MUSIC CITY USA!!! after x-mas to see my other bro.

I finished up school. So far I got a B in a class. I was getting an A, but I sort of faded on the final. Oh well. It is done, I learned, all is well. I have a ton of paperwork to do for graduation. I had paperwork due a couple of weeks ago that was suppose to be signed off by my advisor. Oops! he is now out of town. I was going to hand it in as a draft...whatever. I have to go to the student pharmacy to pick up my meds for over the break. It is these little things that have to be tied together. I have a two week break from my internship. how nice!

This is such a boring little post.

Anyways, I got a charlie brown X-mas tree that looks like it has wispy curls on ot's head. It is fantastic! It goes in an out like an hourglass. A lady with humpa-wompa curves. It is much taller then me, and only cost $20! I love those dorky trees! I also put up my cheesy 50's silver aluminum tree. It's branches pokes me in the ass when I walk by. I love x-mas decorations. It makes me giggle!

I should get my stuff together and try to make it to school before life takes over...

Monday, December 08, 2008


One more paper and I will be done, done, done!!!!
I have locked myself into my house and turned off all of the radios and TV. Like a child who cannot have dessert without eating their vegetables…
I have spent the last two hours staring at my ice cold mixture of corn and peas. (Or maybe carrots?) I have now hit the…I would rather cut off my arm…than finish my paper syndrome. Seriously, term papers are my personal hell. I have an acute stress reaction with them all! I have read 5 peer reviewed articles and reviewed a chapter in the txt book.
I took some time to plastic encase one of my windows (three completed) that face the ‘weather.’ As it has been about 15 F degrees out, it was a necessary thing to do. And aw hell…it looks like crap….You should see my awful tape job…my hairdryer work was pathetic. But it is a cheap way to keep cozy…
OH YEAH back to my procrastination hell. It is now 11:30 and I have done little to show for my efforts. The paper is due 5PM tomorrow. UGH!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Duh!!!! is a wonderful winter wonderland outside! It is snowy, freezing, and windy! But the sun is shining and reflecting off the snow, so very bright!

And me like an idiot have locked my shovels and ice melter in my shed/garage. My leaning tower of lawn mowers and bicycles was built without a proper sill plate. So my beautiful garage with lovely wood, lays directly on the ground. It's walls are bent and it leans on a telephone pole. It is actually a massive "out" building. However, when it gets cold, it freezes shut. Duh!

I forgot to get my snow gear out! I am such a dork!

Friday, December 05, 2008


I banged my accident. On a table in a coffee shop, while plugging my computer. I did it last night. I have a goose egg and I feel kind of spacy... My head hurts...kind of...

Anyways, I am watching ESPN for like the 2nd time in my life...cauae my collge football team is trying to win their conference!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

My crossed eyes

I have been staring at a computer for about 36 hours of the last 48? The end of semester...and I nearly strangled a group member. Actually, I didn't, but I had to play ms. police lady. Wow, we are the dysfuntional group of rejects: bipolar, adhd, pregnant, and one part time employed student. I just loved how my life had revolved around other people's vacation schedules! Anyways. How did I become the chief? I agreed to compile the paper. Something in which I had expected and planned to do last night, turns out to be my goal tomorrow. I spent 3 hours something that someone else was suppose to do, and then asked me to do, and then did anyways. I want to scream! However, I am sure that everything will be fine with this paper.

Now all of these procastination and flurry of activity on opther projects have me behind in another deadline. I am suppose to finalize the paper for my group for tomorrow. On wednesday I have scheduled my internship and then my class in which this paper is due. Unless I decide to not sleep for the next 48 hours, I will not have the time to do my paper! So, my choices are to hand the paper in late (which is do-able, but I would just increase my suffering) or call my internship boss and cash in my "extra day" that I had scored esrlier in the semester. I would change my internship to thrusday but I have a dr appointment in the middle and that would be a hassle.

Anyways, I feel suprisingly...calm. I am in that academic zone in which it is better to just plow through then take a breathier. Except I am not 20 years old. I will sleep. Not much quality will emerge without sleep.

oh yes...As I have alternating strabismus that worsens upon stress...serious, I have crossed eyes with double vision!

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